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What are the strategies for carpet placement in guest rooms?
Point:    Add Time:2019-03-25

Room carpet is an important role in family or hotel decoration. When planning to use room carpet to lay and paste to choose room carpet style, first of all, we should consider the overall effect of interior decoration, from details to environmental atmosphere, decorative style, color effect, furniture style, wall material, lamps and lanterns style, and then from the craft, material, shape, color patterns of room carpet. Consider the deeper elements.

Room carpet matching

Room, whether in the bedroom or hotel room, the effect of carpet placement is always desirable, of course, many people only enjoy it, but do not know the strategy of carpet placement. Just as why the carpet is placed in the bedside of the room, what's the point of laying the carpet?

1. Why put carpets beside the bedside of the room?

The carpet is placed on the bedside of the bedroom, you can step on it barefoot, not ice feet in the middle of the night, you can also lie on it to sleep, do not worry about cold, comfortable and clean, not only practical, but also can play a very good decorative role, can adjust the color of the bedroom, add a beautiful scenery to the bedroom.

2. The Best Size and Size of Room Carpets

Carpet size can be arbitrary, according to the size of the room and their desired effect to choose the appropriate size. Now many carpets can be customized, so as long as it meets the needs of interior design, the size of carpets can be arbitrary, there is no regulation, the common length is 140 cm.

3. How to Place Carpets Best

Carpets are generally laid on the bedside, the head of the bed or the end of the bed. The length of the carpet is recommended to be laid to the foot of the bed or 2-5 cm from the foot of the bed. The width of the carpet is arbitrary. If the choice is a small carpet, usually placed on the bedside, this is a small block carpet, mainly play a decorative role.

When laying carpets, consider whether the color of carpets will conflict with the color of the room. For example, the wall color of the room is mainly water blue, so the carpet is best to choose blue, if you put a white sheet on the bed with a thin blue quilt, wow, I believe that once you enter such a room, you can give a bright and pure feeling, can you be in a bad mood? Similarly, the grey-green wall with grey carpet, white sheets and pillows, presents a quiet classic atmosphere. Pink or coffee walls, the preferred pink and white beds, carpets must be the most suitable grey, sweet, bright and warm.

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