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Why do hotels use carpets to pave the floor?
Point:    Add Time:2019-03-25

Often on business trips, friends who come and go to hotels and hotels every day will find that most hotels are carpet-paved, and quite a part of them are carpet-paved. In the face of relatively high ground decoration costs, the hotel of course can afford to consume Hotel carpets, but the hotel has a little pressure. So why do hotels use carpets to pave the floor?

Why? Because carpets are more atmospheric than floor tiles, feet feel comfortable, warm and sound insulation. Carpets have the advantages that floor tile floors do not have. By laying carpets, you can upgrade the hotel. Similarly, when carpets are laid in hotels, you can also improve the hotel's reputation. Hotel carpet, hotel can also use carpet, because beautiful! Hotels are not up to grade, but in order to improve customer experience, they are constantly improving their own quality, more and more hotels are using carpets.

Hotels with no carpet and simple decoration

Paving Carpets to Improve the Overall Beauty of Hotels

A hotel is comfortable and uncomfortable, which is related to the decoration, service and supporting facilities of the hotel. The hotel keeps progressing, the hotel is not willing to lag behind, is also constantly improving. To upgrade, first of all, we need to do the hotel decoration. Customer experience determines whether a hotel's business is good or not.

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