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What's the use of office carpets The benefits of laying office carpets
Point:    Add Time:2019-03-25

beautify the environment

With the rapid development of economy, the pursuit of modern office style is rapidly becoming popular. Many office carpets have become a fashion in line with the development trend of modernization. Careful observation shows that many large and medium-sized cities in the country have many office carpets everywhere. Office carpet has a variety of styles, patterns and colors. Although the design is simple, it has a full sense of fashion and good decorative effect. It can be used to dress up the office and add a lot of literary and artistic temperament to it. It is very elegant and unique. Yes, it is in this era that the office carpet is put on the stage of the preferred floor paving material for modern 5A intelligent office buildings. With the office carpet, it can enhance the image of large enterprises.

Sound absorption and insulation

When your office phone rings or you need to answer the phone, when you walk around in high heels in your office area, you will feel embarrassed because the noise you inadvertently make disturbs others? If you use floor or tile, I'm afraid you need to be prepared. Perhaps a colleague says you are not; but if you use office, you will feel embarrassed. Square carpets, but you can rest assured that all this, because office carpets and floor tiles compared to the sound absorption effect is still very obvious.


Office carpet has good physical properties, good shock absorption effect and elasticity. When people walk on the carpet, they can obviously feel the soft and elastic carpet, which reduces the friction and vibration between soles and the ground, thus relaxing the body and mind, reducing the tiredness of the human body, thus creating a comfortable office environment. Think about your fragile office supplies, your mobile phones, computers, iPads and other communications equipment. If you accidentally get on the ground, imagine if the floor is made of hard floor decorative materials such as floors or ceramic tiles. Haha, it is estimated that it will be replaced. And if you use office carpet on the ground, I'm not sure it's not bad, but at least it will minimize the damage.

Dustproof property

Careful life will find that there are large and small dust floating in the air, which contains bacteria, and it is easy to be breathed into the body by the human body, the body is invaded by a large number of bacteria, seriously affecting human health. If the floor is covered with office carpets, don't worry about that. Why? Because the carpet has a lot of dense wool, it has the ability to stick to air dust, prevent flying again, and effectively reduce the dust content in the air. When you turn on the air conditioner and the fan breathes, the dust and other floating matter will not circulate in the air again.

Thermal insulation

Office carpet itself has the function of keeping temperature and reducing temperature flow. If in the cold winter, imagine that if you step on the hard ground, you can feel the ground is so cold. Of course, if you lay office carpet in your office area, I believe that even if you take off your shoes, you can walk freely on the carpet, because the office carpet obstructs the cool feeling from the ground. Similarly, in the hot summer, when the air conditioning is turned on, the function of the office carpet to keep warm and prevent the loss of cold air can make the air in the room not immediately run out through the ground, so that the office temperature can be kept cool.

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